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TRA Workshops

  • Are you a potential user of TRA data or otherwise need to know about the data?
  • Are you new to using the LERG, or just need aspects clarified or reviewed?
  • Have you just been assigned to a position that involves code administration or reporting your company's numbering assignments and routing information through TRA products?

These and numerous other situations may make attending or arranging TRA Workshops worth considering !!!

TRA Workshops

TRA provides 1 - 2 day workshops to describe and discuss the TRA numbering data in the LERG™ Routing Guide and other TRA data products.  Workshops are provided on a suitcased basis to any party wishing to learn about the various subjects addressed by TRA and its data products.  Product focus is on the LERG Routing Guide.  Workshops are suggested to be limited to 20 people or less.  Being company specific, sections of the Workshop can be abridged to permit for a one day workshop, or expanded to two or more. Companies may also suggest which topics to be focused on more than others as their needs may dictate.  Prices will vary based on the length of the workshop, and other factors.  Please contact Lori Lopez on 732-699-6647, or email questions to for further information.  Topics covered are:

  • Telecom Routing Administration (TRA)
  • Industry Structure For Issue Resolution
  • Central Office (CO) Code / TBP Assignment Overview
  • Routing and Rating Overview
  • General Routing Considerations
  • Voice Over IP / Next Generation Networks
  • Local Number Portability / Telephone Number Pooling
  • Exchange Area, Local Calling Area, Serving Wire Centers …
  • Business Integrated Routing and Rating Database System (BIRRDS)
  • BIRRDS Output (LERG™ Routing Guide, TPM™ Data Source, ....)
  • Additional TRA Products: TDS, LCADS, etc.
  • Product Evolution
  • TRA Support, Funding, Pricing Principles

Data Input (BIRRDS) Training

Data Input (BIRRDS) training is provided via Live Meeting, covering 4 modules over the Tuesdays and Wednesdays of two consecutive weeks, once a quarter.  Each module is scheduled from 1:00p-4:00p Eastern.  There is no charge for this since it is provided to Fair Share Plan participants (data entry companies) only.   For various logistical reasons, modules are limited to approximately 20 ports.   An announcement of training dates is sent out to the primary AOCN contact for each FSP company approximately a quarter or two in advance.

Data Input (BIRRDS) training can be provided via Live Meeting on a company specific basis, time permitting, and does involve a charge to the company requesting such.  Similarly, Data Input (BIRRDS) training and the TRA Workshop can be suitcased out to a company, if desired, at a charge which can vary.

Please contact Lori Lopez on 732-699-6647, or email questions to for further information.